Award Docente Búho Innovador Invitado granted by Universidad Privada Boliviana

By Gissel Velarde, Octubre 15, 2020

Award UPB

At the "Teacher's Day" ceremony held on June 8, 2021, I received the Award: "Docente Búho Innovador Invitado" for teaching the subject Selected Topics in Artificial Intelligence to seventh and eight semester Computer Systems Engineering students through Problem-Based Learning, a method I learned and applied at Aalborg University during my PhD studies.

Alberto Sanjinés, Vice Rector of the Universidad Privada Boliviana announced:

As every year in the undergraduate program, we nominate "Buhos Innovadores" (Owl Innovators). This year, in order to keep a track record of the innovations that several of our professors have made, we called for a competition. The projects presented were explained in detail. The truth is that it is impressive all that has been presented, and it has been very difficult for the academic committee formed by the deans of the faculty, the dean of the virtual campus, and myself to choose the winning projects. If you ask me, they all deserved to win because of the effort involved in achieving, through innovations, that our students learn better. The finalists for the award "Docente Búho Innovador Invitado" were two projects. One developed by Mauricio Quiroga, finance professor, who introduced and immersed our students in a series of finance laboratory practices; real practices, through subject design and contact with real stock market environments. Our students learned in a real-world scenario with a real finance experience. The other finalist is a professor living in Germany, Gissel Velarde, who has developed a project, or projects, of applied artificial intelligence for our students based on Problem-Based Learning. The students have been given all the theoretical and practical tools to develop projects applying artificial intelligence, and the results have been extraordinary. They are our two finalists that I present with great pride and gratitude, but one has to win. Therefore, the Innovative Owl for the year 2020 for guest lecturer goes to Gissel Velarde. Congratulations!"

The video of the ceremony can be seen in the following link, (minute 30:10) https://fb.watch/60e7V-d8tH/.

In a previous post I described my experience teaching Selected Topics in Artificial Intelligence

Translated by Gissel Velarde.

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