What are the best courses to learn Artificial Intelligence?

By Gissel Velarde, September 23, 2020


If you want to learn artificial intelligence, you have to learn its most important sub-areas which are machine learning and deep learning, as seen in the figure above. The artificial intelligence is one of the fields of investigation more prosperous of the last times.

Below is a list of the best courses in artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning that I have seen. All of them can be accessed for free. Yes totally free! If you want to certify that you know the subject, you will have to pay to acquire a certificate. Some of the courses, offer certification in Coursera, for example.

If you want to learn artificial intelligence to develop algorithms, or to know how artificial intelligence can boost a business, I suggest you review the following courses. If you want to learn how to develop algorithms, you will need knowledge in linear algebra, probability and statistics, calculus and programming.

The following videos and courses are of excellent quality and are in English. If English is not your thing, in Youtube you can put the automatic translator, which just in case, is developed with artificial intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence for Business

This is a half hour video. If you want to learn how you can use artificial intelligence for your business, the best thing is to watch the following video: Go to video!

AI for everyone

This is a complete course developed by Andrew Ng. The concepts are very clear, and Andrew explains what artificial intelligence can and cannot do. Go to video!

Machine learning by Andrew Ng

For those who want to develop machine learning algorithms, the number one recommendation is to take the machine learning course taught by Andrew Ng, an academic professor and entrepreneur. His explanations are very didactic. Andrew Ng's course has 19 chapters and in total there are 112 videos that you can follow. The complete course is in English. Go to video!

Learning machines by Yaser Abu-Mostafa

This is another excellent course. Yaser Abu-Mostafa and his colleagues wrote a textbook that can help complement the videos. The book by Abu-Mostafa and his colleagues is named: Learning machines.Go to video!

Deep learning by Andrew Ng

If you want to deepen your knowledge and learn the latest techniques I recommend the deep learning course. I suggest that you look at the Youtube page of Andrew Ng and his colleagues, there are excellent courses to learn deep learning. Go to video!

Deep learning various instructors

This course is an introduction to deep learning. The instructures are from MIT, and you will be able to learn the most recent applications in this field. Go to video!

Artificial intelligence by Patric Winston

Another course that is very didactic is Patrick Winston's. Although the course does not consider the latest algorithms, Winston clearly explains the vector support machine (SVM) algorithm and other algorithms. Go to video!


The requirements for taking the artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning courses are:

Have fun learning!

Updated 1 October 2020.

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