Two books every AI engineer should know

By Gissel Velarde, Octubre 1, 2020

Libros IA ML DL, fotografía de Gissel Velarde.

Two books every AI engineer should know. By Gissel Velarde 2020.

Everyone wants to learn artificial intelligence (AI). The reasons are more than enough. A simple search in any search engine will yield a lot of information. So, where to start? You can get lost in the information jungle, especially now that AI is in vogue. Here are two books that every engineer, computer scientist or artificial intelligence enthusiast should know:

Introduction to machine learning by Alpaydin

Ethan Alpaydin's book has become an essential textbook in universities and institutions that are teaching artificial intelligence. Alpaydin is very didactic and the book is quite complete.

Deep learning by Goodfellow, Bengio, and Courville

Nowadays it is not enough to know the concepts of machine learning, but it is fundamental to know about deep learning. Deep learning simulates some brain processes and has been responsible for breaking several records in contests of artificial intelligence algorithms.

Where can I get the IA, machine learning and deep learning books?

Both books can be purchased at various online stores.

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Updated 4-11-2020

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