ANGELS A human and artificial intelligence creation

What every leader, entrepreneur, professional or student should know about the impact of artificial intelligence. Gissel Velarde, PhD in Computer Science and Engineering, presents the book Era artificial. The event culminates with the premiere of Angeles orchestrated with intelligent algorithms. Renowned composers and researchers participate.


Gissel Velarde, composer and author of the book Artificial Era published in English by Oxford University Press, will talk about artificial and human intelligence, and how Angels, a cutting-edge production, was born. She will address the controversy about the impact of artificial intelligence on society and how to take advantage of technology in a highly automated world where innovation and creativity go hand in hand with technological progress. The orchestration of Angels was performed traditionally and with artificial intelligence by renowned arrangers and researchers from America, Europe and Asia, including Raquel Maldonado, Rui Yang, Mael Oudin, Francesco Maccarini, Florence Levé and Mathieu Giraud. Andrés Guzmán-Valdez conducts the Kronos Symphony Orchestra.


Date: 19 July, 2023 19:30

NUNA Theatre Calle 21 de Calacoto #8509 (Parada PumaKatari), La Paz, Bolivia

General Pre-Sale Price: 50 Bs

General Price (from 16 July): 60 Bs

Keynote: 45 minutes. Presentation of Artificial Era and Angels, 15 minutes questions.

Concert: 20 minutes.

Music by Gissel Velarde. Orchestration by Raquel Maldonado and Rui Yang. AI-Orquestación by Mathieu Giraud, Florence Levé, Francesco Maccarini and Mael Oudin. The Kronos Orchestra is conducted by Andrés Guzmán-Valdez.

The Cast

Gissel Velarde

Gissel Velarde is an author and composer, multi-award winning pianist and engineer, with a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from Aalborg University. She composes Angels and presents the book Artificial Era

Raquel Maldonado

Raquel Maldonado Villafuerte is a world-renowned director, composer and researcher. She directs the Bolivian Women's Orchestra and the Moxos Ensemble, which broadcasts heritage music. She was awarded the Presea de Oro recognition, Gran Moxos Award. Orchestrates one of the pieces of Angeles.

Rui Yang

Rui Yang is a music teacher and arranger graduated from the University of Edinburgh in sound design, orchestration and music technology. She is passionate about orchestration with artificial intelligence. Orchestrates pieces of Angels.

Mathieu Giraud

Mathieu Giraud is a senior CNRS researcher at the Université de Lille, in the CRIStAL lab. He leads the Algomus team, specialized in modeling, analyzing, and generating music, with a focus on music structure. Mathieu develops AI algorithms for the orchestration of Angels.

Florence Levé

Florence Levé is a full professor and researcher at the Université de Picardie Jules-Verne (Amiens, France). One of her focuses in on music texture, and she develops AI algorithms for the orchestration of Angels.

Francesco Maccarini

Francesco Maccarini is a PhD student at Université de Lille, in the CRIStAL lab, and conducts his research on modelling orchestration with computational tools. He develops AI algorithms for the orchestration of Angels.


Andres Guzmán-Valdez is a conductor and teaches at the Plurinational Conservatory of Music, executive coordinator of the Latin American Academy of Orchestral Conducting and producer at FeniX Music.


Mael Oudin has a degree in composition, orchestration, and film music from Paris National Conservatory. He is pursuing a PhD in music theory at McGill University, Montreal. He is a member of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT) and the Analysis, Creation, and Teaching of Orchestration (ACTOR) research groups.


Orquesta Kronos is a young symphony orchestra made up of several professional musicians. Executes the premiere of Angels

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