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A 4.0 Artificial Intelligence Strategy in Bolivia

Why is a 4.0 AI strategy a magnificent opportunity for Bolivia during the fourth industrial revolution? what makes Bolivians excellent candidates to catapult their country into the league of innovative countries? and, why have many governments given high priority to their AI strategies? In this book, I address these questions and propose the fundamental elements for a 4.0 AI strategy in Bolivia

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A 4.0 Artificial Intelligence strategy in Bolivia

According to the Government AI Readiness Index 2020 (Oxford Insights), Bolivia ranks 122 out of 172 countries, and 22 out of 32 in the Latin American and Caribbean region. This report gave Bolivia a score of 0 out of 100 points in its Vision for adopting Artificial Intelligence. It should be considered that the years prior to 2020 were politically unstable in Bolivia. The most current document until the beginning of 2021 on technological adoption is the Plan de implementación de gobierno electrónico 2017 - 2025.(AGETIC).

For Bolivia to take advantage of technological innovations, it would be necessary to:


“Gissel Velarde presents a clear vision in her Strategy for the Industrial Revolution 4.0. This vision considers both challenges and advantages that Bolivia will have to face to develop as much as possible in this new revolution. This book is not only interesting for Bolivia but for all Latin America.”

-Dr. Carlos Cancino-Chacón, Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Vienna, Austria

“Knowledge and technology offer great opportunities for human development. Gissel Velarde gives us airs of hope based on a deep study of the Bolivian reality, in the economic, educational and cultural aspects, showing us our potential and our possibilities to use Artificial Intelligence as a transformative and revolutionary tool for the entrepreneur of the 21st century.”

–Raquel Maldonado, director of Ensamble Moxos

“The book A 4.0 Artificial Intelligence strategy in Bolivia, pre- sented by G. Velarde, is a very important academic work, as it analyzes the current situation of AI in Bolivia, with a holistic vision, both in the academic, business and state sectors. But the book also provides a strategic model, quite innovative, of how AI should be implemented in Bolivia. It is a recommendable book to read, and above all, to encourage Bolivian researchers to continue on this path, and as mentioned: AI is the future.”

–Eduardo Quintanilla de la Cruz, Consultant in Systems Engineering affiliated to Colegio de Ingenieros del Perú.

"Overall, the book explains in a very clear and concise manner what factors need to be taken into consideration towards a fruitful implementation of an AI initiative in Bolivia. Important organisational aspects, as well as the role of every major player are addressed as part of the proposal. Whereas the book suggests that the government should take charge of planning and implementation, it is worth mentioning that in the past there have been initiatives facing curtailment due to public policy changes. AI adoption requires discipline and long-term commitment, and the private sector can also play an important role in ensuring continuity. In addition, we must consider the regulatory changes in the taxing and labour system that will need to be undertaken to support AI and E-commerce start-ups. AI adoption will be a major challenge for the Bolivian society and this book gives us an insightful review of the measures that will need to be taken for preparedness and success of this initiative."

–Oscar Contreras Carrasco, Universidad del Valle, Bolivia InnovAcademy.


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