Compositions by Gissel Velarde

Colores Angeles

Colors in Motion, Piano Music For Ballet Class. Opus 6. 2008, 2023. Printed Book | PDF

Angeles, Piano Pieces. Opus 7. 2011, 2022. Printed Book | PDF

Essence (1995) (Lead sheet). Video

Pesca pesca (1995) (Lead sheet)

Fantasía, Aponía, Gefunden. (2004) piano and voice

Almost dialectical (1995) piano

Child's play (2004) piano

Music by Gissel Velarde

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Angeles Colores en Movimiento Estudio Aleatorio Nr. 3 To Mr. Joseph

Angeles, 2011. Videos Like a Dream, - Revelation. - Between Worlds. Review by Matthew Warnock.

Colores en movimiento, Ballet Music, 2008. Live Part 1. - Part 2.

Estudio Aleatorio Nr. 3 To Mr. Joseph, 2004. Video. Read the comments.


From time to time, people ask me if they can use my music on their projects. I am more than delighted. You can display and perform the work if you give me the appropriate credit as author. For other uses, please contact me.

Video Angeles

Youtube Video

Gissel Velarde

Between 1990 and 2002, I studied music at the Plurinational Conservatory of Music, La Paz. My piano teachers were Gilda Ormachea, Grace Rodriguez and Sarah Ismael. Between 1995 and 1998, I participated in the Jazz and Improvisation workshops conducted by Martin Joseph. Martin Joseph introduced my to mindfullness as well. In 1994 and 1997, I participated in the National Piano Competition "Abril in Tarija" - Bolivia, and won the first and second prices respectively. In 1993, 1998 and 2002, I was recognized as the best student in my category and instrument by the National Conservatory of Music and the Foundation Prof. Fanny Salgueiro. In 1994, 1996 and 2001, I received Honor Diplomas granted by the Plurinational Conservatory of Music and the National Secretary of Culture of La Paz. In 1999, I obtained a scholarship for master classes in classical music and jazz at the Summer Stage Le Academie de E'te in Libramont.

Here you can read about my musical path.

Press in science

eju!, 25/01/2021: Gissel Velarde: “Es posible que en el transcurso de este siglo la inteligencia artificial llegase a superar ampliamente a los humanos"

LadoB, 17/01/2021: Era artificial: quienes dominen la tecnología tendrán la ventaja

Jyllands-Posten, 21/12/2014: Forskning i musiktemaer

La Razón, 2004: Nota del día: Cura para el Alzheimer

Press in arts

La Prensa, 14/1/2012: Velarde habla con ángeles

Matthew Warnock, 7/9/2011: Review by Matthew Warnock

La Prensa, 5/8/2005: Big Band Juvenil antes de su gira por Chile

Gente, 17/10/2002: Una jovén de gran talento

El Diario, 14/6/1998: MARTIN JOSEPH: Concierto de despedida

Puerta abierta, 14/6/1998: Martin Joseph junto a los Músicos invitados

Presencia, 19/4/1994: La Paz mostró su predominio en el IV Concurso de Piano

Presencia, 25/11/1990: Carmen Castro presentará Breve temporada de Ballet


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